Sabtu, 07 April 2012

Monster in Tibiame online game

Frog Frog
attack = hit
weak = energy, ice
drop = glowing hammer, blazing crystal
Evilsheep Evil Sheep
attack = hit
weak = energy, fire
drop = brass legs
Ibex Ibex
attack = hit
weak = soul, energy
drop = brass legs, onyx, life fluid
Goblin Goblin
attack = ice, fire
weak = soul, hit
drop = strong life fluid, potion of might, energy, ice shield
Treant Treant
attack = hit
weak = fire, energy
drop = emerald, crystal chain
Dwarf Dwarf
attack = ice, energy
weak = fire, soul
drop = syrup of health, emerald, thunder shield, static shield
Flame Flame
attack = fire, hit
weak = ice
drop = onyx, scepter of fire, magma axe, syrup of health, miracle herb
Holy star
attack = ice, soul
weak = energy, fire
drop = lightbender, lightbringer
Buaya Crocodile
attack= plate
weak= fire
drop= miracle herb, shield ring
Eagle Eagle
attack= hit
weak= fire
drop= syrup, cozy warmring
Warik Ape
attack= hit, soul
weak= ice, fire
drop= syrup of health, thunder shield, magma mace
Tarzan Tarzan
attack= energy, hit
weak= soul
drop= syrup of health, frost helmet, frost hood
Ninja Ninjana
attack= energy, hit
weak= ice
drop= crown helmet, king hood
Bloodfly Bloodfly
attack = hit, soul
weak = fire
drop = griffin shield, life fluid
Kappa Kappa
attack = hit, energy
weak = ice
drop = shuriken, nunchaku
Primeguard Primeguard
attack = hit
weak = energy
drop = fan, bommelsword
Monk Monk
attack = energy
weak = ice
drop = sanchaku, sai
Shogun Shogun
attack= hit
weak= ice, fire
drop= shogun shield, shaoshield mill Farmzombie Farmzombie
attack = ice
weak = soul
drop = shogun armour
Long Long
attack = fire, hit
weak = ice
drop = ruby, katana, fire bo
Peasant Peasant
attack = ice
weak = soul
drop = miracle herb, syrup of health

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